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Storage heaters on display in the Smarter Living showroom.

Efficient low-cost heating

Modern storage heaters offer a huge change in performance compared with older models. State-of-the-art insulation and smart controls provide you with efficient, low-cost heating exactly when you need it.

Storage heaters are one of the most economical electric heating solutions, as they can make the most of our discounted, off-peak Economy 7 or Comfort Heat tariffs.

Key benefits of modern storage heaters

Use with off-peak tariffs

Economical running costs

No pipework

Control on your phone

Instant heat

Low cost

How storage heaters work

Using off-peak electricity, storage heaters store heat in insulated 'heat cells' overnight when the price is low. The smart element of the heaters will automatically adjust how much heat they need to store to maximise energy efficiency. A small fan draws the heat from the cells and pushes it into your room when you need it.

View our explainer video for more.

Heating Control Phone

Control with your smartphone

You can set-up and control your heaters from your smartphone. You can set different times and temperatures for individual rooms to maximise your efficiency.

Best suited to new builds and renovations

Storage heaters typically need professional installation.

Each heater is connected to a hard-wired fuse spur, with a dedicated cable run from this point back to your fuse board. They are usually installed in new-builds or during renovations, but can be retrofitted to existing homes if a suitable cable route can be found.

An electrician carries out maintenance.

Efficient installations by JEBS

Choosing the right installer is just as important as choosing the right solution. JEBS are our trusted installers and you can count on them for your storage heater installation.

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