Buy Back Domestic

Designed for Domestic customers with embedded generators (EmGs) approved by Jersey Electricity in accordance with Engineering Recommendations G83/2 or G59/3, connected in parallel to JE's network and which have the capacity to sell excess units back to JE.

Typical examples of embedded generators that may qualify for our Buy Back Tariff include:

  • Wind turbine
  • Photovoltaic (solar panels)
  • Combined heat and power systems (CHP)

Embedded generators connected in parallel to our network must comply with either Engineering Recommendations G83/2 or G59/3 depending on the rating of the generator. For further advice contact us on 505460.

Buy Rate 6.24p a unit

For all units exported to the Jersey Electricity network during any time of the day or night from 1 January 2017 up to a facility size of 50kWp 3 Phase / 20kWp Single Phase.

Installations above 50kWp will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Typical kW peak refers to the maximum rating of the EmG (wind turbine / photovoltaic /combined heat and power systems).

Standby Charge

The Standby Charge for Domestic embedded generation is currently zero but remains under review and is subject to change at JE's discretion.

Domestic or Commercial installations are determined by their current designation on JE's Customer Database. However, JE reserves the right to apply the Commercial Standby Charge of £3.25 (£3.10) per kW peak per month for installations up to 50kWp that clearly fall within the bounds of commercial scale whatever the customer / premise designation.

Daily Service Charge

A Daily Service Charge applicable to the tariff applies.

General Domestic
Single Phase 15.79p (15.04p)
Three Phase 34.60p (32.95p)

Economy 7, Economy 20, Economy 20 Plus, Comfort Heat
Single Phase 18.70p (17.81p)
Three Phase 41.69p (39.70p)

Prices shown in bold are inclusive of GST.
Prices alongside in brackets reflect our underlying tariff.