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Economy 7 at a glance

Economy 7 is made up of two rates, a Day Rate and a Night Rate. The Night Rate gives you seven hours of cheaper electricity for all appliances used at night.

The Night Rate period is usually between 11pm and 7.30am, though the exact times are set by Jersey Electricity.

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Who is it for?

Economy 7 is likely to suit you if:

  • You can store heat, heat water or use appliances at night
  • You can use 15%-20% of your total daily electricity during the cheaper Night Rate hours

Economy 7 is not ideal if a lot of your electricity usage is during the day.

Economy 7 in action

Economy 7's Night Rate suits high-efficiency electric storage heaters. Their high heat retention mean they are unlikely to need the daytime boost offered by the Comfort Heat tariff.

The Night Rate also suits electric vehicle chargers and other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines which can be timed to take advantage of the discounted period, if safe to do so.

It is also useful for summer water heating if you have gas or central oil-fired heating, but also have an electric immersion hot water storage tank that can be run at night.

Key features

Two rates, Day and Night, for all appliances

Seven hours discounted electricity at night

Night-time savings

Tariff rates

The card below shows the current rates for the Economy 7 tariff. These rates include GST and are subject to change.

Economy 7

Price per unit

Day Rate 17.91p
Night Rate 9.06p

Service charge per day

Single Phase 22.17p
Three Phase 49.25p

All rates are inclusive of GST

Choosing the right tariff

It's not always easy to work out which tariff will give you the best deal. This video explains how to choose the best electricity tariff for you.

Other tariffs

We offer a range of tariffs to suit your needs. If Economy 7 doesn’t sound right for you, take a look at these alternative tariffs.

Comfort Heat

A three-rate tariff with eight hours of cheaper electricity for approved space and water heating, and also eight hours of discounted electricity for other appliances. Suitable for storage heaters on a dedicated supply circuit, and if you can use other appliances during the eight-hour discounted period at night.

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Economy 20 Plus

A flexible two-rate tariff with 20 hours of cheaper electricity for approved space and water heating. Suitable for central heating systems, underfloor heating, electric flow boilers or heat pumps, providing heat and hot water when you need it.

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General Domestic

Our single-rate tariff. Electricity used for all your appliances is charged at the same standard rate whatever time of day or night it's used.

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