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To enable life’s essentials we provide Jersey with electricity that’s always...


Electricity at the flick of a switch for every home and business in Jersey.


Electricity is a necessity, not a luxury. We'll take decisions to make it affordable for all islanders.


Electricity that is low carbon to help the climate now and for future generations.

We put our customers and the environment at the heart of everything we do

We aim to be open, honest and fair to all our stakeholders.

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We aim to enhance the lifestyle of Islanders and power the economy by providing innovative, low carbon energy services and solutions.

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We put customers at the heart of our business, giving them choice, control, and value-for-money in a transparent and trusted way.

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We support the Government’s carbon neutrality objectives by growing electricity’s share of the energy market, reducing carbon emissions, helping to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Technology Smarter Living


We aim to be leaders in the application of technology, enhancing efficiencies, unlocking new services, and digitally enabling our employees and our customers.

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We aim to be the partner of choice for the Government of Jersey and the Island’s parishes, supporting all their energy needs.

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Our People

We aim to be an employer of choice in Jersey, where employees are engaged, supported, and developed.

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We provide fair returns to our investors over the medium to long term.

We’ve already come a long way, providing Jersey with a clean, decarbonised, reliable electricity system.

But now we want to go further and help Jersey realise its ambitions to become carbon neutral. We’ve already started by...


We are bringing on-Island-generated solar power on to the grid in increasing volumes

Electric transport

Investment in public EV charging network and helping business decarbonise fleets

Smarter living

Low-carbon, efficient home heating solutions and energy-saving technology for greater comfort and control


Re-forestation of Mourier Valley, Parish planting projects, educating with the National Trust

Our Vision influences all our decisions and how we operate

Our decisions have consequences for all Islanders. We don’t take them lightly. We want to be open and honest about why we do things. Here are some of the decisions we’ve made on trending issues.

Jersey Dairy Solar Array (1)

On-Island Renewables

Jersey Electricity has been investing in Island infrastructure to keep pace with the ever increasing demand for electricity for almost 100 years. Now we are answering calls for on-Island renewable power to contribute to Jersey’s energy mix and increase energy sovereignty by forming partnerships to make local renewables affordable.

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Tidal power and renewables

Learn more about our stance on tidal power and other local renewables, and why renewable sources can't yet provide all our electricity.

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Climate Assembly 2021 - Our Submissions

What we believe the Island can do to play its part in the fight on climate change.

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Customers Flats

Smart homes: Good for you and the environment

Make a world of difference with smart tech and low-carbon electricity

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Why nuclear power is good for Jersey - and the climate

Learn more about why we believe nuclear power is good for the Island and why it is an essential component of a clean energy mix to combat climate change.

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Protecting the environment

Learn more about how we put protecting the environment at the heart of our activities and why we fully support Jersey's carbon neutrality ambitions.

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Price Funding Model Illustration

Price funding model

Learn more about how we decide what you pay and how we plan to deliver affordable electricity for islanders now and in the future.

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Inspiring a zero carbon future

From renewable power to electric transport and low-carbon homes, we’re doing everything in our power to help Jersey to a zero-carbon future. Join us on the journey.

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Funding a grid on standby whatever the weather

Learn more about why we have a Standby Charge and why we think it's fair and helps to keep prices affordable for all Islanders now and in the future.

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Quick facts about your electricity

Get to know us better by understanding more about the power that sustains your life.

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Future energy - Pathway to 2030

Delivering carbon neutrality quickly will be immensely challenging but we believe it can be done if we all work together.

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JE Super Zero Hero Logo (1)

Calling all Super Zero Heroes

If you're making changes to your everyday activities, however big or small, to reduce your carbon footprint we want to hear from you!

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COP26 Globe Square


Learn more about this crucial climate conference and find out what we at Jersey Electricity are doing to inspire a zero carbon future.

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Our Vision in action

Achieving our Vision mean putting promises into practice. Learn more about our tree planting project in Mourier Valley and watch our Chief Executive get his hands dirty.