This guide is specifically for trade contractors.

To help us provide the correct size supply to your new building, we need certain information from you. Please follow this guide to ensure we deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Step 1 - Complete an Electricity Supply Enquiry (ESE) form

Complete the form with:

  • A site location plan
  • A ground floor drawing with all existing services and/or the proposed new services marked
  • All your proposed electrical load in kilowatts (kW)

The ESE form is an editable PDF. You can complete it using a computer, or print it and fill it out by hand.

Electricity Supply Enquiry


Step 2 - Return the completed ESE to our team

By email

By post / by hand

ESE Team
Jersey Electricity
The Powerhouse
Queens Road
St Helier JE4 8NY

By hand only

La Collette Power Station Reception.

Step 3 - We confirm receipt of your application

Once we've received your completed ESE form, we will send you written confirmation and begin processing your application.

Step 4 - We will arrange a site visit if necessary

Depending on the scale and complexity of the installation, we may need to arrange a site visit. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for our Service Planning Engineers to visit the site.

Step 5 - We send a written quotation

After the site visit we aim to provide written quotation within the following timeframes:

  • 15 working days - if providing a standard supply or altering an existing supply
  • 25 working days - if connecting your supply involves significant network reinforcement works

Need more information?

For further information on additional load or supply installation, please speak to our ESE Team.

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Call our ESE team on  01534 505712.

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Start an email conversation with a member of our ESE team.

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