Temporary Isolation of Supply

You need to complete a Temporary Isolation of Supply form if you are:

  • Undertaking works on a property that need the entire electrical supply after the incoming service fuse to be made safe.
  • Moving the electricity meter within its existing cupboard or incoming service footprint.
  • Upgrading the main switch or distribution board immediately after the outgoing supply of the meter.

Temporary Isolation of Supply Form


Important information

Please DO NOT attempt to isolate the supply yourself either at the meter or at our service cut out. It is highly dangerous and illegal to tamper with the service.

We offer the Temporary Isolation of Supply service free of charge within regular working hours if we receive adequate notice of the works.

If you need us to remove a service from a property entirely, then we need you to submit a Redundant Services form.

Redundant services form


Before installation

Fill out the form correctly

Please ensure you fill in the form correctly, including all necessary details. Missing information will delay the processing your request, and you may lose your requested slot.

Provide additional details

Please provide details of the reason for the isolation of supply with suitable photographs of the incoming service area.

Three Phase Good Install
An example of the incoming service area of a three phase supply.

Provide the right contact details

Our meter technician will call you the afternoon before to confirm you are ready for the isolation and to confirm access and job-specific details. Please make sure you have provided us with the right contact details for your site operative.

Installation: what to expect

  • Our technician will attend the site at the time agreed with you on the previous day.
  • We will check the installation before we proceed and confirm your intended works will not hinder or endanger our equipment.
  • When we are satisfied, we will isolate the incoming service by removing the fuse and re-sealing the empty carrier in place with a 'Danger Live' notice.

REMEMBER: Our main service cable and service head are still LIVE at this point and will remain so.

After installation

  • Our technician will return as agreed with your contractor on-site to replace the service fuse, as well as connect in the new meter tails (cables) if required.
  • Please be aware that if the installation appears not to meet the standards required, or if the work has significantly deviated from the planned works, our technician reserves the right to leave the property off supply until it is corrected.
  • We WILL NOT energise a supply deemed unsafe or unfinished.

Additional load

If your works include any additional load, then you MUST also submit an Electricity Supply Enquiry (ESE) form.

Electricity Supply Enquiry


Tariff change or meter connection

If your works require a tariff change, or a connection of a new meter to a new supply or existing supply that no longer has a meter, then you need to submit  Connection of Meter form.

Connection of Meter form


Need more information?

For further information on supply isolation and connection, please contact us using the methods below.

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For further information on supply isolation and connection, please call us on 01534 505711.

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