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MV Stemat lays the Normandie 3 cable.

Our Energy Division explained

Our Energy Division is the primary focus of our business. Two-thirds of our people are employed in this area, dealing in the generation, supply, transmission and distribution of electricity. They are responsible for the maintenance of the network, new supplies, all major electrical infrastructure projects and metering.

Energy Division's services include...

Importation of electricity

Electricity generation

Electricity distribution

Renewable energy

Network maintenance


New supplies

Renewable energy

A member of Jersey Electricity's Energy Division helps connect one of the island's subsea cables.

We import this power via three undersea supply cables know as Normandie 1, 2 and 3. The current three live links give the Channel Islands access to 245MW of low carbon imported power which we share with Guernsey as partners in the Channel Islands Electricity Grid. Jersey has access to 202MW.

Since 2011, we also buy around 5% of our supplies from the Government of Jersey-owned Energy from Waste Plant. We still generate a small amount at our La Collette Power Station, mainly due to routine maintenance operations.

Generation at La Collette, from diesel engines and gas turbines, along with gas turbines at Queen's Road remains in place primarily for strategic security of supply.

Importing low-carbon electricity

The energy we supply is predominantly imported low-carbon electricity from EDF in France. Imports provide 95% of Jersey's electricity needs. One-third of this is from renewable hydropower sources and two thirds from low-carbon nuclear power.

An image of the solar PV panels on top of the roof at La Collette power station.

Our network in numbers

Our engineers maintain a network that consists of over 1,700km of cable comprising:

  • 87km 90kV submarine cable
  • 58km 90kV cable
  • 17km 33kV cable
  • 408km 11kV cable
  • 1,070km 415V underground mains cable
  • 63km 415V overhead mains

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