1. The primary, whole house hearing and hot water energy source must be electricity

  2. Space heating is provided by one of, or a combination of the following:

    - Storage heaters
    - Panel heaters
    - Heat pump technology
    - Electric flow boiler
    - Underfloor cable or matting*

  3. Water heating is provided by one of, or a combination of the following:

    - Direct immersion heater
    - Heat pump technology
    - Indirect cylinder via electric flow boiler or heat pump

  4. The space and water heating circuits must be served from a dedicated consumer unit, supplied via Jersey Electricity metering.

  5. All heating appliances must be served by an approved, dedicated radial circuit. Depending on the design/installation criteria, it may be possible to connect more than one heating appliance to an approved radial circuit. For example, multiple panel heaters per circuit, however this must comply with BS7671.

  6. Appliances must be hard wired via an approved double pole switch or switched fused spur with flex outlet

  7. Three pin sockets do not form part of an approved radial heating circuit. All appliances other than approved space and water heating systems will operate on normal rate electricity at all times, served by the General Power and Lighting consumer unit.

Please note, an Electrical Supply Enquiry (ESE) must be submitted to, and approved by, Jersey Electricity before any additional heating and hot water load can be connected.

*Underfloor matting must form part of a whole house space heating system and nor just provide floor warming

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