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An exterior photograph of South Hill Switching Station in the sunshine.
An engineer works on the South Hill Switching Station project.

What is the South Hill Switching Station?

Commissioned in July 2011, South Hill Switching Station is the unmanned silent heart of Jersey Electricity through which the invisible lifeblood of the Island flows, powering homes and businesses.

It connects five other primary substations and nine 90kV circuits to complete a 90kV 'ring' around the Island.

Construction begins on the South Hill Switching Station.


We agreed on a long-term strategic plan to form a double 90kV transmission ‘ring’ around Jersey to increase the security of electricity supplies. Planned in stages, it required investment of around £10 million a year for more than a decade.


Rue des Pres Primary Substation connects into the Archirondel-La Collette 90kV circuit.


Western Primary connects to Queen’s Road-La Collette circuit, but a switching station at South Hill would complete the 'ring' by connecting all our other primaries.


The Government granted building permission for the old quarry at South Hill. It was remote enough from the blast envelope of the Fuel Farm, raised above sea level to avoid flooding risk and, while physically separated from the Power Station, it was close enough for cabling.

A detailed planning process - 2000 to 2009

From the first discussions in 2000 to getting the green light from the Government , the South Hill Switching Station project underwent a rigorous planning phase.

Click more to see the detailed project diary.

An aerial photograph of the completed South Hill Switching Station.



We cleared the site. To minimise the impact of the switching station on the environment, we based the 39m x 20m x 8m structure two metres below ground. This involved removing 4,000 cubic metres of rock and soil before construction began.


Constructions begins. Arkitecture provided architectural services but, under the guidance of our Systems Design Manager Peter Snape, we turned to French specialists INEO for the design and build of the facility.


We completed the main external build and INEO set to work on the complex internal fit-out - cable terminations, current transformers, voltage transformers, line isolators, circuit breakers, bus bars, protection and control equipment and batteries.

Simultaneously, local construction company Geomarine, aided by a specialist team of jointers from Indonesia, installed almost three miles of 90kV cabling,  pulling it through pre-installed ducts from South Hill along The Avenue to Tyneville Lane. This method reduced traffic disruption and preserved the integrity of the cable because longer lengths could be laid, reducing jointing.



South Hill completed.


South Hill commissioned.



External works completed, including 400sq m of granite façade to further camouflage the operational nature of the building, landscaping and the planting of 150 trees and shrubs. Lieutenant Governor-General Sir John McColl officially opened the facility.

The construction phase - 2010 to 2012

From breaking ground to the completion of the beautiful granite exterior, the South Hill Switching Station Project was another great example of local contractors and the JE team pulling together for the good of all islanders. 

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