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An image of the solar PV panels on top of the roof at La Collette power station.
Three workers from JE, Sunworks and Woodside Barn hold a Solar PV panel.

Solar shines for the whole community

We want on-Island sources of renewable energy that can benefit all Islanders, help to diversify electricity supplies and be economically viable without subsidy. It's imperative that local renewable generation does not lead to higher electricity prices for our customers.

That's why we're working with partners, including the Government, local businesses and farmers, to make local solar power cost-effective and secure.

Solar PV panels on top of the Powerhouse roof.

Measuring 3.2m wide by 37.5m long, it comprises 76 separate panels, with a maximum output capacity of 19kW. The array generates up to 19,000 units of electricity a year - the equivalent of providing hot water for around nine typical homes for a year.

The power the PV array produces is for our consumption. It was one of several energy efficiency measures we introduced at the Powerhouse as part of our Environmental Management System (EMS) to reduce our carbon emissions and running costs.

Our first solar PV array

In May 2013 we installed the largest solar PV array (at the time) in the Channel Islands on the roof of the Powerhouse.

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Chris Ambler, Jersey Electricity's Chairman, stands on top of the solar array installed on the roof of the powerhouse.

Public pilot projects get the go-ahead

In July 2018, we invited expressions of interest from groups or individuals to participate in pilot projects to generate power from ground-based solar arrays.

Participants would sell the power generated on such solar farms to Jersey Electricity with the security of a long-term purchase agreement. We would guarantee to buy all the units produced at an agreed unit price for up to 20 years.

An aerial view of the solar array on top of the carports at the Powerhouse.

The Island's first carport solar array

In May 2019 we announced plans for the Island's first carport solar array on our Queen's Road car park. This Solar Hub will also house two EV charging bays.

Our Solar Hub at Queen's Road began generating power on to the grid in April 2020. We partnered local supplier SunWorks to install the 53kWp array on top of two carports manufactured by carport specialists Flexi-Solar in the Cambridge UK.

Video: Solar Hub

A photograph of the solar PV installation at La Collete powerstation.

The La Collette array is four times the size of the one on the Powerhouse. It generates over 90,000 kWhs a year, enough to power the homes of 12 average domestic consumers for a year.

Data from the site is transmitted via GSM. Information on each individual panel is available for ease of monitoring and maintenance.

The array consists of 289 Norwegian REC solar panels which themselves have the lowest carbon footprint among leading manufacturers. This is because the energy used in the silicon production process is low carbon as 96% of Norway’s electricity is from hydro-electric sources.

La Collette roof solar array

In June 2019 we partnered local installer SunWorks to fit an 81kWp solar PV array on the roofs at our La Collette Power Station. 

Video: La Collette solar array

Two Jersey Electrcity team members inspect the Solar PV array installation at Woodside Farm.

The 1,311 square metres, 255kWp array is expected to generate over 240,000 units a year - enough to power 33 Jersey homes using an average 7,300 units (kWhs) a year.

It's the third solar array to feed directly on to the grid. It dwarfs the 81kWp array we installed at La Collette Power Station in 2019 and the 53kWp array, opened in April 2020, at Jersey’s first Solar Hub carport at Queen’s Road.

We again partnered local solar contractors SunWorks to project manage, install and commission the array using the award-winning Norwegian REC Alpha Solar panels.

Woodside Farm Solar Array

In August 2020 we signed a 25-year lease agreement with Woodside Farm Ltd., Trinity, to install the largest solar PV array in the Channel Islands to date on the roof of a warehouse.

Video: Woodside Farm solar array

Two members of the Sunworks team begin the Solar PV installation on the roof at Jersey Dairy.

Jersey Dairy Solar Array

In September 2020 we sealed a second partnership to generate another half a million units a year of local solar power when we signed a 25-year lease to install and operate a solar photovoltaic (PV) array the roof of Jersey Dairy.

At 2,500 square metres array and 521 kWp the array is twice the size of the Woodside Farm array and is expected to generate 530,000 units a year. That’s enough to power 72 Jersey homes using an average of 7,300 units a year.

The Dairy’s array is another example of how a local business can diversify its revenue streams in partnership with the Island’s leading low-carbon energy provider, while enabling the whole community to benefit from local solar power at an affordable price.

Video: Jersey Dairy solar array

Our Solar Arrays

As we inspire a zero carbon future, we want all our customers to share the benefits from on-Island renewable power. Meet the farmer harvesting the sun, the dairy delivering more than milk and the power station with a new source of power.

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