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Two Jersey Electrcity team members inspect the Solar PV array installation at Woodside Farm.

We are at the forefront of renewables

One third of all electricity used in Jersey is already renewable hydropower. But our commitment to renewable power doesn't stop there. We believe solar power is the most viable and cost-effective renewable option for Jersey right now and we’re bringing increasing volumes on to the grid in partnership with local business and farmers as quickly as we can.

With commercial-scale arrays now operating on roofs at Jersey Dairy and Woodside Farm in addition to those we’ve installed at our Power Station and Queen’s Road Solar Hub, Jersey is generating almost a million units (kWhs) a year of its own solar power.

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A white electric car drives along a road in Jersey.

We are at the forefront of electric vehicles

Did you know, £10 worth of home charging on our General Domestic tariff would take you over 220 miles, or over 430 miles if you charge overnight on our Economy 7 tariff.*

We are committed to growing our public Evolve charging network, offering you peace of mind that you're never more than 1.5 miles from a charge point.

There's never been a better time to switch to electric transport. Cut your fuel bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

*Assumes 3.5 miles per kWh and respective tariff rates of 15.6p (General Domestic) and 8.3p (Economy 7 Night Rate).

Smarter Living entrance

We are at the forefront of Smarter Living

Think radiators you can control from your phone or Alexa. Or heat pumps that capture renewable heat from the air, and deliver up to five units of heat for every one unit of electricity used – up to 500% efficient! The latest innovations are electric.

We’re here for you. Pop into Smarter Living to find the right low carbon electric heating solution for your home. We can follow up with a free survey and quote you for installation. After the installation, one of our home advisers can drop by to get your controls and timings set just right. We even offer maintenance packages for total peace of mind.

Thinking of making the switch? See our six big reasons why you should.


We are empowering the community to make a difference

Being a trusted partner in our community means supporting our community in many ways beyond providing electricity. We particularly aim to help Islanders in protecting the environment and encouraging a zero carbon future.

In partnership with Jersey Water, the National Trust, Jersey Trees for Life and community volunteers, we are funding and helping to re-forest 20 acres of Mourier Valley in the North of Jersey by planting 6,000 trees over three years.

We are also supporting the Trust’s important Education Programme by sponsoring its full-time Education Officer for three years in work to help children understand climate change and what they can do to prevent it under the banner ‘We Have The Power’.

We’re also helping everyone make a difference in their own parishes, supporting tree-planting projects right across the Island.

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