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Organiser Kate Huntingdon had hoped people would experiment with alternative transport options during the week long initiative, encouraging all Islanders to either bus, cycle or walk to work. 

Businesses were also invited to support their employees in taking up this challenge through a range of initiatives to promote active travel and public transport for the daily commute.

Here at JE, we encouraged our people to leave their fossil fuelled cars at home and take alternative transport to and from work. We were blown away with the support for the initiative and hope it helped to change people's view of the daily commute.

Here's what some our our people had to say about the challenge and their commutes.

Sarah Naylor, Category Manager, Powerhouse

Sarah Naylor, Category Manager at the Powerhouse standing in a blue Powerhouse t-shirt next to her electric bike with Thule Chariot Cross trailer
"Since becoming a mum I often wondered how I could start cycling to work again now that I'd have to incorporate the nursery drop off. I'd been guilty of thinking that it would be too much faff doing all of this on a bike not helped by the fact I'm not the most confident of cyclists. Alternative Transport Week inspired me to really give it a go, so I purchased a Thule Chariot Cross trailer, attached it to the back of my eBike and began using it for the daily commute. I chose this trailer for its versatility as it also converts to a stroller and a running buggy. Within just a few days I feel so much healthier both mentally and physically and much more invigorated when I get to work. The eBike helps to power us up the hills which is great as it means that the journey doesn't become all consuming. Most importantly my toddler seems to love it and often shouts things out as he spots them like 'tractor!'"

Chris Ambler, CEO

Chris Ambler, Jersey Electricity CEO, wearing a bicycle helmet and kneeling next to his electric bike
"Great to see so many people supporting #alternativetransportweek in Jersey this week. My thanks to colleagues at Jersey Electricity plc for giving it a go. I have been cycling to and from work for the last 6 months or so and I'm loving it – inspired by my fantastic assistant, Edwena Jackson, who cycles in and out of work, day-in-day out, whatever the weather, conditions and season. As you can see here, this morning was a bit damp but the kit these days is amazing. I have one pannier with wet stuff in and the other with laptop sleeve and work stuff. Lights, mudguards and rack and I’m sorted for all situations. Well done Kate Huntington for getting the Island experimenting with alternative forms of transport. Huge opportunity for Jersey."

Gavin Murphy - Head of Retail, Powerhouse

Gavin Murphy, Head of Retail, Powerhouse standing with his electric push bike
"Like many people, I bought my electric bike during lockdown, and it was the first time I had ridden a bike properly for about ten years, maybe more, and it was wonderful with so little cars on the road! My wife purchased one at the same time, and we bought a cheap and cheerful trailer for the children as we weren’t sure how often we were going to use it. Two years down the line, it’s had plenty of use, and I really now need to upgrade to something more robust (I’m jealous of Sarah Naylor’s Thule trailer). We use it for most short journeys with the kids, especially if we are going along the front and up the cycle path to the Elephant Park, but admittedly until ATW, not for the school/work run. The kids loved ATW so much. In fact, I had tears (and feet stomping) on the Thursday morning because I accidentally left the trailer out and uncovered all night so there while a huge puddle in the seats, so we couldn’t cycle that day."

Stuart Murphy, Head of Customer Experience and Communications

Stuart Murphy, Jrsey Electricity Head of Customer Experience and Communications. wearing a reflective jacket standing next to his electric bike
"I began cycling to work about 6 months ago with an e-bike. It really is a bit of game changer. Without it Jersey's many hills might be too much for a daily commute. I cycle most days so I use my e-bike as a car replacement. The best bit is getting out of the congestion and using Jersey's beautiful green lanes. The Spring time is a great time to start e-cycling, cut car emissions and get a little bit fitter too!"

Why JE are supporting the Alternative Transport Week initiative