The Energy Blog Eight more EV charge bays unveiled at Queens Road
Powerhouse Charge Points

Jersey is on target to have 100 public electric vehicle charging points by the turn of the year following the unveiling of a further eight charging bays at our Queen’s Road underground car park, with many more already under construction around the Island to meet increased uptake in zero-emission electric transport.

The eight charge points, consisting of three 22kW and one 7kW dual outlet units, include the Island’s first easy-access chargers. We have designed two spaces with wider bays, replacing three traditional-sized parking bays with just two to make them more accessible to drivers needing more space to park, whether with a larger vehicle, children or as wheelchair users. This charging hub is also illuminated with new LED lighting and has been re-painted white. It is also prepared for another five charge points should demand require.

Dan Charging EV Bike Powerhouse

Our Queen’s Road site now has 13 public Evolve Chargers, showcasing the complete range of public charging infrastructure the Evolve network offers, from 7kW and 22kW wall-mounted chargers and a 22kW pedestal charger, accessible via an Evolve membership card or Charge Your Car app, and one of the Island’s three 50kW Rapid chargers at which you can also just pay and go with a debit or credit card.

Director Commercial Services Peter Cadiou said: ‘The climate emergency and our own Government’s carbon neutrality aims have made more people consider reducing their emissions by making their next car an EV. We want to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to meet this demand. We are therefore future proofing our installations to make it easier to expand the number of chargers on existing sites. For example, we have installed 11 charging bays at Goose Green with Dandara. Of these, six will be dedicated for EV use only, while the other five will be part of a dual-use trial with the Government of Jersey and will become dedicated for EV use when demand grows. This site could become an out-of-town charging hub for commuters to leave and charge their cars while they go on into Town on public transport.’