The Energy Blog Jersey Electricity welcomes the Lieutenant Governor
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Sir Stephen, accompanied by his Chief of Staff Major Justin Oldridge, were met by JE Chairman Phil Austin, CEO Chris Ambler and Operations Director Mark Preece before being shown around the Control Room where he started up one of JE’s five 11MW Sulzer Diesel Generators, maintained for emergency backup supplies, and synced it to the grid.

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JE’s leading Engineers showed him how low-carbon imported electricity from France was controlled to meet Island’s varying demand and how they manage the complex on-Island Distribution network, including the integration of the solar power now being generated of the roofs of the Power Station offices and others across the Island.

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Later, at the Powerhouse, Sir Stephen charged his electric London Black Cab vehicle on a Rapid Charger, one of 99 public chargers in the Island, before being shown around the retail store and the low-carbon heating solutions in Smarter Living by Head of Retail Gavin Murphy and JE’s Director of Commercil Services Peter Cadiou.

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He then went on to enjoy a light lunch in the Boardroom with other Directors of the Company and where Mr Ambler presented JE’s strategy to help Jersey achieve net-zero by 2050, including its plans for more local renewable generation to diversify supplies and increase energy sovereignty.

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After the four-hour visit, Sir Stephen said: ‘I am very grateful to all the management team and staff of JE for their time and briefings during my visit today. JE is a most impressive asset for Jersey and clearly has the interests of the Island and their customers at the centre of its business. The future energy needs of Jersey is a strategic issue and JE has a critical role to play in developing and delivering Jersey’s future requirement.’

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Mr Ambler said: ‘We were delighted that His Excellency took time out of his busy schedule to come and learn more about the complexities of how our highly skilled team keep the Isand supplied by secure low-carbon electricity and our plans for the future. It was an honour and privilege for all our employees.’

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