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A modern storage heater in a modern home.

There are over 10,000 homes on our Comfort Heat tariff specifically designed for storage heating, plus many thousands more on Economy 7.

Like all products, storage heaters have a lifespan so what do you recommend when your customer asks you for an upgrade? If your customer likes the low running costs of storage heating, but wants the improved controllability of central heating, the Dimplex Quantum system could be for them.

Quantum heaters from Dimplex have redefined storage heating which has often been maligned for lack of controllability and ‘leaking’ heat. The Quantum’s revolutionary controller and clear LCD display enable the user to pre-set individual heaters to different required room temperatures over seven days. The controller responds to changing climate conditions automatically and adjusts its charging and heating patterns accordingly.

Using off-peak, lower cost tariffs, the Quantum can be up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage system and 47% cheaper to run than electric convector or radiator system*. Quantum’s compact design (no deeper than a double wet radiator), flexible wall-mounting options and adjustable feet positions make it equally an ideal replacement for old storage heaters or a life-enhancing system for those with no existing central heating system. Quantums can be installed one room at a time for those who’d like to spread the cost which, though more than normal storage systems is considerably less than a wet radiator central heating system.

Installation advice: Remember when retrofitting a Quantum system you must make provision for a 24 hour supply. Quantums requires a supply from the General Lights and Power circuit as well as the heating circuit supply.

* Calculated using SAP 2012 – the UK Government approved energy performance assessment method.

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