Two Jersey Electrcity team members inspect the Solar PV array installation at Woodside Farm.
Solar PV panels on top of the Powerhouse roof.

Solar PV arrays to benefit all islanders

Without government subsidy, the upfront costs of installing Solar PV arrays can be prohibitively high. Our Solar PV partnerships are designed to benefit the whole community.

To achieve this, our ownership and operating model typically means that solar PV arrays will be connected to export electricity to our distribution network rather than the power being used on site.

How our Solar PV partnerships work

If we agree on a potential site with a partner, we'll develop an 'airspace rental' proposal whereby we pay an annual rental fee to the property owner for a fixed period. In summary (subject to contract):

  • JE will pay for the installation of the solar PV plant and equipment.
  • JE will own and operate the system and all its components for a minimum 25-year term.
  • JE will pay an annual airspace rental for the use of the roof for a minimum 25-year term.
  • Electricity generated by the PV array will be metered and exported directly to the local distribution network for the benefit of all islanders.
Three workers from JE, Sunworks and Woodside Barn hold a Solar PV panel.

Our current solar PV partners

We're already working in partnership with local businesses, such as Woodside Farm and Jersey Dairy, to bring locally-generated solar power on to Jersey's grid.

Which types of commercial property does this suit?

There are no specific criteria for solar PV installations. Larger systems are more cost-effective, we're therefore interested in large modern roofs or brownfield sites for ground-mounted arrays.

A photograph of the solar PV installation at La Collete powerstation.

How much energy can an array generate?

A typical commercial solar PV installation of 100 kWp consists of 276 solar PV panels, taking up a roof area of nearly 500m2.

Over the course of a year, such an installation would be expected to generate over 110,000 kWhs of electricity – equivalent to the average power consumption of 14 Jersey homes.

Interested in becoming a Solar PV partner?

Complete the form and our dedicated solar projects team will contact you.

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