Ohme Easycharge Charger Brightened

Step 1: Set up the Ohme app

Before you start charging, you'll need to download the Ohme App for Intelligent Charging.

Click here to download for IOS on the App Store

Click here to download for Android on Google Play

Once the app has downloaded, follow the on-screen wizard or watch the video below to help set up your Ohme account.

We recommend using your email address when creating your account.

To link your charger, scan the the QR Code which will be on the charger's screen or underneath the charger. 

Select your car and set up the API connection if available.

You can view all of Ohme’s App and Charger Tutorials here.

Step 2: Choosing the right Easycharge tariff

When prompted to select your electricity provider choose “Jersey Electricity”.

You will then be shown four Easycharge tariff options.

Each tariff will prioritise charging during the inclusive midnight-7am period.

Select the “Easycharge Economy 7” option if your home is on the Economy 7 tariff. You can find your home's current tariff on your electricity bill.

Select a “Load Limiting” option if your home has a 60Amp supply. Jersey Electricity will advise you if you should select “Load Limiting”.

Step 3: Restrict charging the the Easycharge inclusive period

When prompted to setup charge schedules, make sure you have schedules set for both weekdays and weekends and toggle your charge schedules on.

Then select the cog icon in the top right of the screen and toggle on ‘Limit charging over a certain cost’. The default setting should show 0.01 pence per kWh

Save these settings.

Step 4: Start charging

Plug-in and your EV will now charge between midnight and 7am, using the inclusive power bundled within the Easycharge subscription.

If you wish to charge immediately (outside of the inclusive period), simply select “Max Charge” on the Ohme charger screen.

Video: set up guide

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