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Benefits of driving an electric vehicle

Lower running costs

Simpler maintenance

Zero emissions

Low carbon

Less noise

Convenient charging

Different types of EV

Learn the differences between BEVs, PHEVs and HEVs


Battery Electric Vehicle

Fully reliant on on-board battery

Zero emissions

Must be plugged in to charge

No internal combustion engine


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Electric motor powered by battery

Plus a petrol/diesel powered internal combustion engine

Plug in to charge batteries

Regenerative braking charging


Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Primarily powered by internal combustion engine

Small electric engine available in tandem

Electric energy only generated by regenerative braking

Only uses electric motor as the pull away

Save money, save the planet

Driving an electric vehicle is good for the planet and your wallet. Use this calculator to see how much money you could save.

Expert advice

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