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How will a switch to electric heating affect my running costs?

When you switch to electric, you know you're getting 100% efficiency. But many factors affect running costs. We are happy to provide a calculation if we have:

  • Your last 12 months' fuel bills.
  • The make, model, size and age of your existing boiler.

Your current boiler

How efficient is your current boiler? A 30-year-old relic will be far less efficient than a 10-year-old condensing boiler. Older boilers can lose as much as 50% through the flue or chimney. Even the newest of appliances can still lose up 10-20%, depending on their application.

Your boiler will also be more efficient if it's correctly sized for your home.

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Your current system

The next factor is your current system. Whenever we switch a customer, we recommend improvements to their existing pipes, radiators and controls.

As standard, we always power flush the system to remove residues that reduce efficiency, as well as being a condition of a new electric boiler's warranty.

Control upgrades, including smart functionality, can bring further efficiencies and savings.

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Fuel type

The final question is fuel type. Typically, when all of the above is taken into account, a switch to electric has in recent years offered significant savings in running costs against a gas boiler.

Comparisons with oil can be difficult to make due to the volatility of oil prices, where being topped-up at the wrong time can prove costly. The more information you can give us, the better the comparison.

Assess your current system

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We’ll get in touch to arrange a suitable time to visit your home and complete the survey.

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