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The easy way to be greener

When switching from oil or gas, electric boilers and heat pumps are a greener, simpler, effective solution, lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your system efficiency.

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  • Electric central heating is suitable for our Economy 20 Plus (E20+) Tariff that gives you 20 hours of discounted electricity for your heating and hot water.
  • Smart controls on your phone or tablet give you ultimate control of time and temperature settings, helping you to be even more energy-efficient.
  • Electric central heating is straightforward and cost-effective to install.
  • If you are switching from gas or oil, you could keep your existing pipes and radiators.
  • Low maintenance requirements

Electric central heating benefits over gas and oil-fired systems

The benefits of electric central heating include:

  • Electric boilers are 100% efficient because they convert all the electricity they use into the heat you need. No heat is wasted up a chimney or flue.
  • Heat pumps can deliver efficiencies of up to 500% This means each unit of electricity you use will produce five times that amount of heat.
  • Electric central heating will dramatically reduce your home's carbon footprint because Jersey's electricity supply is virtually decarbonised.

Interested in electric central heating?

Learn more about the different electric central heating systems available in Jersey.

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