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What's your source?

Two types of heat pumps widely available:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are the most common option in Jersey, as they are easier to install. They capture the heat in the air outside your home and boost it to heat your rooms and water. Ground source heat pumps use the heat from the ground that surrounds your home.

Benefits of using heat pumps

Up to 500% efficient

Low running costs

Heating and cooling

Good for the environment

Air source are easy to install

Low emissions compared to oil & gas

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Highly efficient heating

For every unit of low carbon electricity used to power a heat pump, they'll generate up to five units of useable heat, making them incredibly efficient and economical to run.

Harnessing this 'free' energy ensures low running costs and a significant reduction in emissions when compared with gas and oil.

Installing an air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps are easy to install as they only need an outdoor location with enough space to permit adequate airflow. As they deliver lower temperature heat than traditional boilers, heat pumps must be carefully specified to each property.

Installing a ground source heat pump

Installing a ground source heat pump is more intensive than an air source pump. They use a loop that is typically laid in trenches about two metres deep in your garden. If space is limited, vertical loops or bore holes can be installed.

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Working together with your existing system

Heat pumps deliver lower temperature heat than traditional boilers and must be carefully specified to each property. To compensate for the lower temperatures, heat pumps can work in conjunction with your existing boiler or with a small electric back up boiler.

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Efficient installations by JEBS

Choosing the right installer is just as important as choosing the right solution. JEBS are our trusted installers and you can count on them for your heat pump installation.

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