The Energy Blog ecoJersey Countryside Clean-up

Litter and the invasive Hottentot-fig were the targets at a windswept Noirmont Point yesterday as Jersey Electricity employees were joined by members of the public on the JEP’s first ecoJersey Countryside Clean-up.

Volunteers turned out across nine parishes backed by different environmentally-responsible businesses. As an ecoJersey launch partner, JE chose to tackle the tougher task of removing Hottentot-fig from the steep headland at Norimont while public volunteers scoured the area for litter.

JE Environmental Engineer Chris Bester said: ‘The ecoJersey Countryside Clean-up is a great way of bringing the community together to show it cares about the environment. We're grateful to the public volunteers who joined us. They did a wonderful job and we were all surprised by how much rubbish they collected.

‘But we know there is more to do to protect our precious Island environment and having done some work up here on invasive species previously, we were keen to return. The area  is difficult to access making it even more of a challenge but were we all pleased with the result and we’d like to thank the public who joined us.

‘We’re now looking forward to the ecoJersey Coastal Clean-up later in the summer.’