The Energy Blog Europe welcomes new dawn in battery-powered rail

Bombardier last week announced a new battery-operated train, setting its sights on a new standard of sustainable public transport.

For Jersey, meeting the island's emission target by 2050 will involve a big reduction in emissions produced by transportation - currently the sector which emits the most air pollutants.

At Jersey Electricity, we believe Jersey is the perfect environment for electric vehicles (EVs). We are hoping to extend our charging infrastructure around the island to support the ever-growing number of EVs in use.

We're always encouraged to see new EV transport solutions designed to reduce harmful emissions and increase energy efficiency, whether at home or further afield. Last week saw the launch of an exciting new train in Europe, which will help the move away from diesel engines to a electric-battery hybrid versions.

New dawn for battery powered train

Bombardier, the Canadian transportation firm, unveiled a new series of battery powered trains designed for rail networks and lines which aren't fully electrified.

For many years, electrified rail has been seen as a leading solution for reducing public transport pollution. Across Europe electric lines are found on many inner city and inter-city routes.

However, large parts of the network are still off the grid. This train is designed to run on electric tracks, then use its battery power to bridge the gaps over non-electric stretches.

Video and Lead Image Source: Bombardier

The demonstration version of the train, seen at the launch weekend, can reach around 25 miles (40km) on a single charge. However, a new version in the works for next year will be able to reach over 60 miles (100km) on a single charge, around the distance from London Paddington to Newbury.

Promoting sustainability

As more countries switch to low carbon energy options, the value of emission-free transportation grows - helping to reduce the amount of air pollution people experience day-to-day and combating the long-term effects of harmful pollutants on the environment. It's a trend that bodes well for the future.

So in the near future when your traveling on rail in the UK, Europe or further afield, while you're charging your phone, your train might be charging up too - ready for the journey ahead!