The Energy Blog Now for a smarter EV charging network in Jersey

Now for a smarter EV charging network in Jersey

Jersey could soon benefit from a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging network of the latest ‘smart’ chargers. Jersey Electricity is currently trialling one of the latest Chargemaster chargers at its Powerhouse headquarters. Once the trial concludes, the utility, which has long pioneered the use of EVs in the Island, will upgrade the existing public Rolec charge points and then hopes the States of Jersey will help it facilitate an extension of the charging network to locations outside St Helier.

Drivers will be issued with a contactless card or download an app to gain access. Those currently in JE’s Evolve EV drivers club, who pay a monthly subscription to access power, can either continue to do that or end their subscription and be billed for their use on a PAYG basis.

JE’s Energy Solutions Manager, Ian Wilson, who is in charge of the upgrade, said: ‘We have had calls for more EV charge points and smarter ways to charge but usage levels have precluded any further investment. I’m happy to say that as more EVs are on the road, the time is right to plan for an upgrade of our public EV charging network. The new Chargemaster chargers will give drivers a choice. Those wishing to use the app will have to register for an account and will subsequently be billed for their usage. Those wishing to remain in our Evolve EV drivers club will be able to continue with their monthly subscription.

‘Our aim is to extend Jersey’s public network to around 50 charging points but we can’t do this without support and engagement from the States of Jersey with whom we continue to work closely. Transport currently accounts for a third of the Island’s total emissions and we see it as the next big step in reducing carbon. Jersey now has a virtually de-carbonised electricity supply which is the envy of many larger countries. The best thing we can all do is to use it as efficiently as possible in as many ways as possible and transport is certainly one of them.’