The Energy Blog Reg the ferret threatens supplies
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We might have a new £70m interconnector but Reg the ferret could still have caused havoc with supplies to a block of St Helier flats last Saturday after escaping his owner’s  hold and getting trapped by his lead in a large meter cupboard. But on-call telephone operator Jill Horton and Electrician Jimilee Caldwell came to the rescue.

 Reg and Jimilee2

Parish Community Support Worker Sharon Williams said:  ‘I was walking down Garden Lane and this lady, who I know has recently rescued two ferrets from the Animal Shelter and walks them on leads, was panicking because one had escaped into a cupboard on the car-park and we knew it contained electrical equipment. None of the keyholders Jill had numbers for were answering so she agreed to ask your on-call electrician if he could do a mercy mission. He was here in 15 minutes and he was absolutely brilliant. He was so kind and helpful and went beyond the call of duty as they say! He brought out Reg in no time to his very relieved owner.’

Jimilee said: ‘The owner was panicking a bit because she said the ferret had a habit of chewing wires. I was going to put on my big rubber gloves but there was no need. Reg had got stuck has he still had his lead on which got fastened round a bicycle wheel. He was at the back of the cupboard and shaking like a leaf when I picked him up.’

Jill said: ‘When I rang the electrician I hoped it was an animal lover on duty! When Jimilee answered, I knew he’d be happy to do it, no problem. The woman called back to thank us and said he was brilliant.’