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JE backing for National Trust’s restoration of Plémont

Jersey Electricity has long been a committed supporter of the National Trust for Jersey. As well as being a long standing Corporate Sponsor, we are always willing to help a charity that does such important environmental work for the Island.

Truck Donation Of 2011

Following the Company’s gift of a £17,000 Toyota Hilux Truck for use by the Countryside Team Rangers to mark the Trust’s 75th anniversary five year ago, we were delighted to make a substantial donation to the Save Plémont Campaign for the removal and replacement of old electrical infrastructure, including a substation and cabling, installed to power the Pontins Holiday Camp its 1960s-90s heyday.

Plemont Headlandre Sized

The Trust secured ownership of the headland at Plémont in July 2014 when the States matched the £3.75million raised by Trust supporters, members and benefactors during a long campaign to save the headland from housing development. The task of restoring the landscape involved the temporary relocation of wildlife to protected areas adjacent to the site, the removal of asbestos, building demolition and the relocation of electrical infrastructure which still powers several homes and a café in the area.

Working At Plemont 3

Jersey Electricity obtained Planning Permission to re-locate the substation to the west of the site on a plot 4.5m x 4.5m it purchased from the Trust. The old plant consisted of an open transformer surrounded by fencing. Today, the new equipment is housed in a small kiosk designed to blend in with the surroundings.

Plemont Substation

Jersey Electricity CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘The National Trust does an invaluable job protecting and maintaining swathes of Jersey’s countryside. We are delighted it won the battle to restore Plémont to its natural state for the benefit of Islanders today and future generations. As the leading provider of low carbon energy we strive to leave a positive legacy by ensuring future generations can meet their energy needs. We hope that by supporting the Trust at Plémont we helped it to leave another positive legacy of its own - and what a tremendous one the restoration of this headland has proved to be.’’