The Energy Blog Video: Normandie 3
An illustration of hills, trees, sand and the sun.

Normandie 3 subsea cable project. 32km France - Jersey 2014

At £70m, Jersey Electricity’s Normandie 3 cable project was one of the biggest private investments in Island infrastructure. The installation of the 32km, 100MW subsea supply cable from France and its adjoining land cables – 7km in Jersey and 19km in France – plus ancillary equipment on both sides of the Channel - was a remarkable engineering feat that culminated between April and October 2014. The entire N3 circuit, from Périers, France to South Hill, Jersey, was completed in just 21 months after the French granted final planning consent at the end of 2012 but it took almost a decade of planning and environmental studies to get there. This video tells the story of this important engineering feat.