The Energy Blog VIDEO: Pipeless central heating
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Slimline electric panel heaters have always been an ideal, flexible, highly efficient heating solution for individual rooms such as a bedroom or conservatory. But now you can enjoy the instant heat and controllability of panel heaters all through your home combined with a low cost tariff from Jersey Electricity to create a pipeless central heating system for a fraction of the cost of installing a whole-house wet radiator system.

Sleek, modern, panel heaters provide instant heat wherever and whenever you need it. They are 100% efficient as they directly convert electricity to heat at the point of use. So all the energy you pay for is converted into heat. Today’s panel heaters are especially efficient because you can set the time and temperature on individual heaters for different rooms – so you are not wasting heat or money.

What’s more, slimline panel heaters are also an ideal low cost, easy-to-install replacement for aging storage heaters, taking up less room and giving you more control of your heating. Because your home could already be wired for an off-peak heating tariff, all Jersey Electricity have to do is change your meter over from the Comfort Heat Tariff to Economy 20 Plus.