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How Smart Meters work

Smart Meters record your electricity usage and send the data back to our team. The data is safely sent via the same cables that supply your electricity.

We use the data sent from your Smart Meter to:

  • Produce your bill
  • Display your energy usage on the My JE app
  • Analyse island-wide electricity usage

Smart Meters can be used by:

  • Pay As You Go customers with a Smart Card
  • Customers who pay by quarterly billing or Direct Debit

Billing and saving money with Smart Meters

Smart Meters do not save you money on their own. However, if you download the MY JE app, you can use your Smart Meter data to find ways of being more energy efficient.

Estimated bills

We no longer send you estimated bills. Smart Meters ensure you only pay for the electricity you use.

Quarterly bills

If you are not a Pay As You Go customer, you will receive a quarterly bill. The best way to view your quarterly bill is on the My JE app.

If you do not download the MY JE app, you will continue to receive your quarterly bills as you do now.

Smart Meters and your data

You can decide how much data you want us to collect and store when you download the My JE app.

Half-hour profiling

If you enable half-hour profiling we can provide detailed graphs and charts on your energy use. All your information will be encrypted, meaning it will be secure.

Don't store my data

If you don't want us to store your data, we will still take readings, but your data will be anonymised.You will not fully benefit from My JE, but you will still be able to receive and store your quarterly bills.

Third parties

We do not pass your data on to any third party other than our billing provider.

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