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About embedded generators

Embedded generators like wind turbines and solar panels are connected to your electricity supply and provide electricity for onsite use. They also have the capability to export back to the grid.

JE provides the remainder of the electricity demand to the site, including a backup service when an EmG is not operational.

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Types of generator

Typical examples of embedded generators that may qualify for our Buy Back Domestic tariff include:

  • Wind turbines
  • Photovoltaic (solar panels)
  • Combined heat and power systems (CHP)

Embedded generators must be:

  • Up to a facility size of 50kWp 3 Phase / 20kWp Single Phase
  • Approved by Jersey Electricity under Engineering Recommendations G83/2 or G59/3, depending on the rating of the generator
  • Connected in parallel to our network

Installations above 50kWp will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Typical kW peak refers to the maximum rating of the EmG.

For further advice contact our Customer Care team.

Tariff rates

The card below shows the current rates for the Buy Back Domestic tariff. These rates include GST and are subject to change.

Buy Back Domestic

Price per unit

Buy Rate 7.39p

General Domestic service charges per day

Single Phase 18.69p
Three Phase 40.86p

Other tariffs service charges per day

Single Phase 21.11p
Three Phase 46.90p

All rates are inclusive of GST

Standby Charge

We currently have no plans to implement the Standby Charge for domestic customers who have embedded generation, but who require backup services and power from the grid. We will keep this situation under review.

We don't consider home storage batteries to be embedded generators for the purpose of the Standby Charge. However, they must be installed in compliance with the relevant Engineering Recommendations.

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