The Energy Blog Apprenticeships to skill up for a zero carbon future

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘At a time when many companies have cut back on apprenticeship schemes, we are accelerating our investment in Islanders in a way that will provide them with diverse and rewarding careers. As a company, we need to find and nurture new talent, so we have a qualified, skilled and motivated workforce for the future as Jersey aims to achieve carbon neutrality. We have to look well ahead to ensure our engineers are not only qualified but also sufficiently experienced, having learned directly from those they will replace.’

Although JE regularly offers individual apprenticeships, it’s some years since it recruited in such numbers. Four joined together in 2016 and an intake of eight joined together in 2012. The vast majority remain with the Company, having carved out very successful and rewarding careers.

JE Head of Organisation Development David Crossland said: ‘The days when engineering roles were exclusively carried out by “men in overalls” are long gone. We want to attract as diverse a range of candidates as possible.

‘Applications are open to all with a real drive to create diversity in the workplace and deliver excellent customer service.  Anyone who is looking to learn a skilled trade in this vital industry for the Island is invited to apply and will be considered.’

Applicants will be invited to take part in an open evening to learn more about specific roles and get to know their potential colleagues. More information can be found on the careers section. Applications can be made through the Current Vacancies list.