The Energy Blog Grosnez Lighthouse goes solar powered
Grosnez Lighthouse

Groznez Lighthouse on the Island’s north-west coast is getting a makeover this month in a joint initiative between Ports of Jersey and Jersey Electricity.

The mains-powered light on the building is being replaced and upgraded to a solar-powered LED one, and the existing fencing around the site being replaced. The £12,000 cost of the project is being shared equally by the two companies.

As part of the works, which will take a month to complete, JE Engineers will also remove the overhead line that currently feeds the navigation light from this site of special interest. The work will make the colours of the light brighter, the intensity stronger and the cut off between the light sharper.  

Grosnez lighthouse, built in the late 1940s, was last refurbished six years ago. It is administered by Ports of Jersey as part of its public service obligations and is an important aid to navigation for both commercial and local mariners. At night, the red sector also indicates the danger to navigation of the Paternosters reef.   

Sustainable solutions for the Island

Leading the project on behalf of Ports of Jersey, Marine Services Operations and Commercial Manager Donford Nicholas said: 'We are pleased to be collaborating with Jersey Electricity on this important project to introduce further sustainable solutions to our Aids to Navigation in the Island.

'Ports of Jersey is constantly looking for more efficient and reliable solutions for our lighthouses, buoys and beacons and we’re delighted to see this reflected in this forthcoming project.'

Jersey Electricity Service Delivery Manager David Powell said: 'This project shows how two organisations, which are committed to sustainability and willing to invest in new technologies can work in partnership for the benefit of Jersey’s environment and the community.'

Public access to the headland at Grosnez will not be affected by this works programme.

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