The Energy Blog Jersey Electricity launches all-inclusive home EV charging
Child in red shirt plugs an electric vehicle charger into a car

With petrol and diesel prices rocketing, Easycharge gives EV owners total peace of mind by combining the cost of a home smart charger, its installation and an ongoing full warranty, plus enough off-peak overnight electricity to drive around 6,000 miles a year in an average EV*. Easycharge also makes charging three times faster, safer and more convenient than trailing an extension cable to a three-pin plug on a household socket, all combined into one easy package.

For those who drive more than 6,000 miles a year or who own more than one EV, Easycharge Plus at £45 a month offers 12,000 miles inclusive overnight charging. Easycharge Unlimited is designed for high-mileage users who charge at home, such as light-commercial vehicle drivers, offering unlimited mileage for £85 a month.

Whichever Easycharge plan you choose, the electricity used by your EV charger is measured by a JE Easycharge sub-meter and will appear separately on your quarterly bill. Units used overnight between midnight and 7am will appear on your bill as a credit. Units used during the daytime (7am to midnight) will be charged at your standard daytime tariff rate.

The launch of Easycharge is in support of the Government of Jersey’s ambition to make Jersey net-zero by 2050. JE Director of Commercial Services Peter Cadiou said: ‘Our aim is to remove as many barriers to owning an EV as we can. Easycharge is designed to make home smart EV chargers accessible without upfront costs.’

Easycharge is the result of two years’ work that started with a home charging trial among a group of Jersey EV owners during which JE examined how different options worked for customers.

Mr Cadiou added: ‘We are very grateful to those EV drivers who took part in the trial. It helped us to understand how to deliver services customers want while better managing the network using cheaper overnight electricity for home EV charging. Easycharge is the result of that work.’

Easycharge plans are subject to a minimum three-year subscription, home survey and include a standard installation.

*Assumes an EV efficiency of four miles per kWh
**Source: statistics