The Energy Blog New 24-hour heating tariff
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Next week sees the launch of our first 24-hour, uninterrupted, discounted heating tariff, Economy 20 Plus (E20+), for customers with traditional wet radiator systems, underfloor heating, electric flow boilers and heat pumps. Like E20, E20+ offers 20 hours of discounted electricity for approved space and water heating but unlike standard E20, there are no interruptions to the heating supply during the four peak hours, making it THE tariff for heat pumps.

Thanks to new metering technology, power will simply automatically switch over to the E20+ rate between 1pm and 3pm and 5pm and 7pm. The E20+ rate is currently the same as our General Power and Lighting Rate, however, E20+ units will appear separately on customers’ bills so they can see exactly how much their heating costs at both peak and off-peak times. It means an end to the use of boost switches – either manual or automated – and is a major breakthrough for encouraging fuel switching from gas and oil heating.

Several departments have worked closely together to bring this about including, Metering, Energy Solutions, Jendev, Finance, Customer Care and Marketing/Comms. For more details visit the Tariff section of our website