The Energy Blog Save money by preparing your home for winter

Cooking, heating and watching more TV all add up to extra energy use in winter, but try these simple steps and you'll keep your home warm and your bills down.

Top up the loft

If you haven't checked the loft insulation recently, then now is a good time to do so. It's unlikely that your roof space is bare, but over time fibre insulation becomes less effective as the material settles, squeezing out the insulating air pockets.

You should measure the depth of blanket insulation in your loft, as recommendations have changed over time. In the past, the guidelines for insulation were as low as 100mm thick. Nowadays, 270mm of Rockwool-style insulation is suggested, so make sure you're up to date.

With most of the heat in your home disappearing through the roof, if you only do one thing to winter-proof your home it should be this.

Set efficient heating times

If you are on one of our off-peak tariffs, making sure your water heater and home heating system are set to use electricity at lower-cost times of the day can go a long way to reducing your winter energy bills. At JE we have a range of tariffs that are designed to provide the best value possible for all energy users. Here is a short video explaining more about the tariffs we offer and how they could be suitable for your home:


If you're not sure which tariff you're on, just give us a call and we'll help you to ensure you're using the best plan for your usage patterns. We can also advise you on the best times of day to set your heating systems to come on.

Insulate your water pipes

It's easy to forget that a significant amount of heat can be lost as water travels around your home. To reduce energy waste, make sure that any exposed pipes are insulated. It's an easy job and costs very little, but can make an important difference to your energy bills.

Keep the cold wind out

Windows and doors have a habit of letting cold air in, even when shut. There are plenty of low-cost products designed to fill the gaps that create draughts, so it's worth taking a trip to the hardware store and stocking up before going on a draught hunt!

It's a good idea to check window and door frames, the gaps under doors, and around the letter box. Most gaps are easy to seal with off-the-shelf draught excluders and, once blocked, the result will be a warmer home and lower energy use.

Maintain your boiler

Regardless of the fuel source for your heating, you should have your boiler serviced once a year by a certified technician. It's not costly and the benefits of operating an efficient and safe boiler are enormous. You'll enjoy peace of mind as well as lower bills. Our CosyCare service and maintenance packages offer year-round cover for electric boilers and heating systems.

When the time comes to replace or update your boiler, an electric boiler could be a great solution for reducing the cost of your energy bills. Here is our guide to electrics boilers:


These five inexpensive tips are all easy to undertake and have the potential to make a significant improvement to the temperature in your home as well as reducing your energy bill.

At JE, our Customer Care Team is always on hand to answer your questions, so please get in touch on 01534 505460 or email if you'd like information about heating your home efficiently.