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Am I on the right tariff?

It is extremely important to be on the right tariff for your needs or you could be paying more for your electricity than you need to. 

Our flexible domestic tariffs are designed to match your lifestyle and meet your home energy needs, from lighting, to whole house heating.

Comfort Heat, Economy 20 Plus, Economy 20 and Economy 7 provide electricity at discounted rates during off-peak times, primarily for space and water heating. Watch our tariff video guide and find the best tariff for you.

Our Customer Care Advisers will be happy to help and will even visit you in your home to ensure you are getting the most from your electric heating system.

Tariffs and applications at a glance:

  • General Domestic - if you don't regularly use electricity to heat your home or water
  • Economy 7 - if you can heat water or store heat at night
  • Economy 20 Plus - uninterrupted, 24-hour supply for traditional wet radiators underfloor heating systems and heat pumps with 20 hours of discounted elctricity and four peak hours automatically charged at the E20+ Rate
  • Economy 20 - for traditional wet radiator or underfloor heating systems, providing heat and hot water when you need it with 20 hours of discounted electricity
  • Comfort Heat - specifically for approved space and water heating (storage) on a dedicated supply circuit