The Energy Blog UN-backed Jersey Power Rangers launched
Power Rangers 1

Developed by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations) in collaboration with other UN organisations, the Challenge Badge initiative has been completed by thousands of groups in over 100 countries.

Led by the Trust’s Senior Education Officer Erin Cowham in Jersey, and headquartered at the ‘Climate Hub’ at Le Moulin de Quétivel, Jersey Power Rangers will work towards Challenge Badges in Biodiversity, Oceans, Forests, Pollinators, Energy and Climate Change.

Reuben Sessa, YUNGA Coordinator, said: ‘Environmental and social education and awareness has never been so high but often this is not converted into action. The YUNGA programme is intended to give the tools and know-how to young people to take action. Research shows that instilling environmental and social awareness at a young age is the best way to protect the environment.’

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