Family Nursing join the big-screen revolution

Family Nursing and Home Care nurses have seen their training sessions enhanced with a gift of two 50" flat screen TVs which double as computer monitors to enable Powerpoint presentations, webinars and conference calls.

The TVs, worth £1,200, are a belated Christmas gift from Jersey Electricity which has purchased vital equipment for FNHC for the past five years with money saved by not sending corporate Christmas cards.

The TVs have been installed at the recently re-organised Le Bas Centre and Gervaise Le Gros in St Aubin, enabling 70 nurses and health visitors to benefit.

Fund Raising Officer Debbie Farley said: 'This gift has contributed to the major re- development of our training facilities. Before, we used an old-fashioned pull-up screen and projector which restricted the numbers in a training session because the images were small. As the TVs become computer monitors, more staff can benefit from Powerpoint presentations, webinars and conference calling in the future.'

And there's another bonus for Education and Development Co-ordinator Julie Lempiere. 'From a health and safety point of view the TVs are marvellous because I don't have to 'lug around' a big projector and screen, I just log on to a computer! In addition, specialist nurses can do ad hoc training,' said Julie.

FNHC CEO Pam Massey said: 'We'd like to thank Jersey Electricity for these TVs which enhance our ability to give presentations and assist in our training and development programme. This equipment is vital to ensure effective communication throughout the organisation and to other key stakeholders. Quality training and skills development makes for quality care delivery and that is what we aim to have at the core of all our services.'

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: 'We are again very pleased to be able to support Family Nursing Home and Care. The tremendous work they undertake is invaluable and of huge benefit to the Island community.'