N3 land cable installation enters final phase

The installation of the high voltage land cable that connects Jersey Electricity’s new subsea power cable from France, Normandie 3, to the Island’s network enters its final phase this weekend with the excavation of one last precautionary access pit in Havre des Pas just east of the Fort d’Auvergne Hotel.

Cable greve 1

Traffic will be subject to temporary traffic lights during off-peak hours from Friday 18 July to Wednesday 23 July, inclusive, but the pit will be covered during peak traffic hours to help minimise disruption.

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While the installation of the 32km subsea cable was successfully completed at the end of last month after a seven-week operation, works on the 7km land cable that runs from Longbeach, Gorey, to South Hill Switching Station at Mount Bingham, have been on-going in several phases since March 2013.

 Cable Greve 2

Enforced changes to the planned route introduced extra bends on the previous section between Gréve D’Azette and La Blinerie which made pulling the cable through pre-installed ducts difficult and necessitated extra, unplanned excavations to complete the work.

Jersey Electricity, after consultations with Transport and Technical Services, the Parish of St Helier, local businesses and residents, are therefore taking the precaution of excavating one additional cable access pit in Havre des Pas to ensure the installation of the final section can be completed in a timely, orderly manner before the onset of the school holidays. The installation of the 19km French side land cable from Armanville to Périers continues apace.

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Jersey Electricity CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘I am pleased that the overall Normandie 3 project currently remains on budget and ahead of schedule. However, one aspect of the penultimate section of the Jersey land cable installation has presented ourselves and our contractors Prysmian and Jayen Ltd with some challenges. I am therefore especially grateful for the patience shown by the residents of Green Road and all road users in the area who have had to put up with us for longer than expected.

‘Although this excavation for an extra access pit in Havre des Pas will cause temporary disruption to drivers and residents, for which we apologise, we feel it is a prudent move to ensure a timely completion of this final section.’