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Heat pumps for hot water

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Heat pumps for hot water

Improved insulation standards are driving down the amount of energy used for space heating. When we look at energy use across the whole house this improvement has the knock-on effect of making water heating a larger proportion of energy demand, and, in turn, your customer's bill. 

Perhaps this is the reason that two major heating manufacturers have brought new heat pump products to market that focus on delivering hot water at very high efficiency. Both products deliver water to 60 degrees Centigrade and offer the benefit of a co-efficient of performance greater than three – the heat pumps deliver three units of heat to the water cylinder for every one unit of electricity used. Architects and specifiers may find both products of interest as options for securing building bye-law compliance under the new JSAP requirements.

Dimplex Edel

To a lay-person the Dimplex Edel might be mistaken for an over-sized hot water cylinder. Apart from its slightly larger size the main differences are the two six-inch diameter vents that are used to move air to and from the outside of a building. One vent draws air into the top of the Edel where the air’s natural heat is extracted by an integrated miniature heat pump. The extracted heat is then boosted and transferred into the hot water cylinder, with the second vent expelling cool air out of the building.

The Edel uses a third of the energy of a direct cylinder due to the heat pump’s 300% efficiency. There are 200-litre and 270-litre options that can be easily installed by a plumber and electrician – no air conditioning/F-gas qualifications are required. The Edel was brought to the UK market earlier this year following significant sales of a similar product on the continent.

The Edel is a fantastic option for new-build properties in order to secure a JSAP pass, as well as being an energy efficient retrofit option for existing properties. Edmunsons Electrical are the local stockists of Dimplex products and further information is available from the Dimplex website.

Mitsubishi Ecodan QUHZ

The Ecodan QUHZ has been designed with the UK new build market in mind, where strict building regulations are again contributing to water heating becoming the dominant load. The outdoor unit is only 4kW and operates with market leading low noise output and built in energy monitoring as standard. The QUHZ uses carbon dioxide as the refrigerant and operates in conjunction with a thermal store to deliver flow temperature up to 70 degrees C.

The QUHZ can be used as a hot water only unit, or combined with wet central heating in properties with low heat losses.

For further information about the QUHZ see the Product Information datasheet or contact an approved local Mitsubishi installer.