The Energy Blog Computers gift provides 'flood relief' for Jersey Zoo

We are delighted to be able to help Jersey Zoo with a gift of 15 computers and monitors following a recent flood there that ruined some equipment and damaged an office building, forcing several zoo employees to relocate to the education centre until repairs can be carried out.

JE’s Head of IT Services Gary Le Gros said: ‘We have a long-standing relationship with Durrell and when I heard what had happened, I contacted them to see what they needed. The computers are surplus, having been displaced during a Companywide desktop PC upgrade scheduled for completion in October. We are pleased these have found a new home and can be put to good use for a worthy cause.'

IT Technician Ross Murphy, pictured with Jersey Zoo’s Head of Operations Jenna Hunt and Assistant Derek Allan, spent almost two days preparing the computers before helping load them for their move to Trinity.

Kate Smallwood, Head of Commercial and IT at Durrell, said:  ‘We are immensely grateful to Jersey Electricity for donating these computers and particularly the speed that they were prepared for us when Gary heard about our predicament.’