The Energy Blog Electric Bumble Bee set to cause a buzz

While bees are in perilous decline, the good news is here’s one bumble bee that’s good for the environment that you can expect to see buzzing around the Island in increasing numbers soon – the all-electric Bumble Bee Classic Scooter. 

The Italian retro styling is sure to turn heads, while a top speed of 28mph and a range of 40 miles make the electric Bumble Bee Classic perfect for Jersey’s roads. 

One man who thinks so is Joe Fernandes. The Jersey Electricity Metering Technician has taken delivery of the first Bumble Bee Classic to roll out of the Powerhouse and is swapping his two-litre Rav 4 for his six-mile commute to work from St Clement. ‘I would like to do my bit for the environment by driving an electric motor bike, says Joe. ‘There’s absolutely no need for me to drive a big car to and from work every day. ‘I think it looks fantastic. I’ll just have to get a silver helmet to match!’

The Bumble Bee is equivalent to a 50cc bike and requires Jersey drivers to hold a moped licence or take a CBT. The 3kW battery takes about five hours to charge and can be removed and charged in your home or workplace like a laptop. On Jersey Electricity’s General Domestic Tariff 40 miles would cost approximately 22p. That reduces to 12p for 40 miles if charged on an overnight off-peak tariff.

The Bumble Bee has space for an additional battery, doubling its range to 80 miles. It comes in Sky Blue, Cherry Red, White Silver, Black and, of course, Electric Blue. 

Powerhouse Deputy Head of Retail Richard Dolbel said: ‘The Bumble Bee has generated a lot of interest while on display awaiting DVS to certify legal for Jersey roads. With climate change and emissions reduction at the top of Jersey’s agenda – and an on-the-road price tag of under £2,000 - we expect the Bumble Bee to be a popular low carbon transport option for Islanders.’