The Energy Blog N3 and N2 partner in power to 160MW
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 Normandie 3 is now operating in parallel with our existing French link Normandie 2 up to 160MW as it was designed to do.

Normandie 3 is now operating in parallel with our existing French link Normandie 2 up to 160MW as it was designed to do.

This major breakthrough came after RTE finally granted permission to operate N2 and N3 in parallel up to 160MW following extensive modification works by RTE and Jersey Electricity engineers in Jersey and France and delicate testing work,  

Following this permission, our Chief Engineer and N3 Project Manager John Duquemin, supported by Operations Manager Ian Crawley, closed the two circuits together at 21.26 hours on 16 October.

The ‘new-look’ CIEG network has since been operating well and generation plant at La Collette has reverted to standby mode. The generators in Guernsey are also being closed down every night.

The network continues to be closely monitored but technically we are now back to full import from France, with only minimal support from generation at La Collette. The CIEG network from France to Jersey will now be run in parallel up to 160MW for the foreseeable future.

Jersey Electricity CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘I cannot overstate what a tremendous achievement this has been. It is a fantastic conclusion to what has been an arduous 10-year project. Normandie 3 doubles our import capacity, enhancing supply security and stabilising prices for our customers. The project has been delivered well ahead of its 2015 schedule and below budget. I am extremely proud of our whole team involved in the project.’

Normandie 3 was first ‘switched on’ at 11.40am on 23 September. It was left energised at 90,000 Volts for 24 hours.

Patrick Cooney Switch on

At 1.17pm the following day Patrick Cooney (pictured above), a trainee shift operator at La Collette, under the supervision of John Duquemin, closed the Normandie 3 circuit breaker to bring power into Jersey from the new circuit for the first time.

N2 N3 parallel screen

For the ensuing three weeks, power was balanced between the Normandie 2 and Normandie 3 submarine cable circuits at just under 45MW each.

On the 14 October the Normandie 2 circuit was switched out for modifications and refurbishments to the protection and control systems before being returned to service in anticipation of operating in parallel with Normandie 3 to the maximum import level of 160MW.

Network on screen