The Energy Blog STOP, THINK, CALL before you start work
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Before you start work: STOP, THINK and CALL

Nearly every year, an increasing number of power outages in Jersey are the result of third party damage; building contractors or DIY homeowners accidently cutting into electricity cables.

Jersey Electricity urges everyone considering any construction, demolition work or home renovation, to STOP and THINK about the dangers of electricity and to CALL us on 505460 before you start work. These three simple steps could help to save your life and prevent serious injury.

We at Jersey Electricity will identify, free of charge, where the electricity mains supply cables are located in and around your own domestic property or, in the case of contractors, where you are to work.

new overheads

BEFORE erecting scaffolding or putting up a ladder to work within three metres of an overhead power line you MUST contact Jersey Electricity to arrange for us to check the installation.

If necessary, we will apply additional protection, plus give you free safety advice and guidance before you start work.

This applies to ALL overhead mains cables, whether they are supplying your property or construction site, or running alongside it, supplying others.

underground new

BEFORE you carry out any building demolition or excavations, including in your own garden or property, ALWAYS contact Jersey Electricity first to obtain records of any underground service or mains cables that may run through it. We will advise how to work safely within the vicinity of any live cables. If you require a supply to be disconnected, plan early as disconnection can take up to 30 working days.


It is important to be aware of the position of ALL service cables and associated metering equipment coming into your home or site. It is not only dangerous, it is illegal to interfere with this equipment under any circumstance.

If you need to work near this equipment, contact Jersey Electricity for free advice before you start.

More guidance for builders and contractors can be found in the Health and Safety Inspectorate’s yellow booklet: ‘Working safely and avoiding danger from underground services and other utility apparatus’.