The Energy Blog Video: Normandie 1
An illustration of hills, trees, sand and the sun.

Jersey Electricity’s Normandie 1 Project

Jersey Electricity’s £30m Normandie 1 Project (N1) to replace the Island’s first undersea power link to France, EDF1, which came to the end of its life in 2012, took just four years from Board approval to its successful switch on in December 2016. The new 100MW cable, a joint investment with Guernsey Electricity under the oversight of the Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG), brings a total of three live links with France, following Normandie 2 in 2000 and Normandie 3 in 2014. Their combined capacity gives the Channel Islands access to 245MW of imported low carbon electricity, enabling JE to virtually decarbonise the Island’s electricity supply. This video tells the story of N1 and the engineers who made it happen.