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EV charger installation helps police electrify more of its fleet

States of Jersey Police ambitions to electrify its fleet of vehicles have taken a major step forward with the commissioning of a bank of EV chargers at Police HQ.

Jersey Electricity has provided three Mennekes 22kW chargers that were installed by its Building Services (JEBS) team. The installation is ‘future proofed’ in terms of the chargers’ capacity and the wiring. JE Energy Solutions’ Bob Huelin explained: ‘The installation means a further six chargers can be easily added, enabling nine cars to be charged at the same time. In addition, the 22kW capacity of the chargers means they will cope with advances in car battery technology.’

States Police acquired three BMW i3 Rexs in February following a successful trial. Acting Deputy Chief Officer James Wileman said: ‘The i3s have proved to be an extremely efficient police vehicle for Jersey. They allow us to keep the Island safe in a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly way.

‘We intend to introduce more electric vehicles in 2020 and this charger installation is the next step in facilitating that. We are very grateful to Jersey Electricity for its help and support, which has included supplying us with the most up to date equipment, enabling faster charging than has previously been possible.’

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: ‘An e-mobility revolution is now taking hold here. With transport accounting for around a third of Jersey’s emissions and with Jersey’s electricity supply already virtually completely decarbonised, switching from diesel and petrol to electricity is a significant opportunity of accelerating Jersey towards a zero-carbon future.

‘For the States Police to embrace EVs in the way they have, following the electrification of Jersey Post’s fleet, is a major endorsement and we are delighted to help. We are also working with government and businesses to extend the public charging network to 75 by the end of 2020.’

EV charger installation help police electrify more of its fleet