The Energy Blog Where to use low energy bulbs

In our article What type of low energy light bulb should you use?, we explained the main differences between LEDs and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). Here we cover some quick tips about where each type of bulb might work best in your home.

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Where to use LEDs

Bathrooms and kitchens

The strong, directional light of LEDs works well in rooms where you want to brightly light particular areas, such as work surfaces in a kitchen or a sink and mirror in a bathroom.

Small rooms and spaces

LEDs work well in utility rooms, hallways, sheds, wardrobes and other spaces that are small enough for directional lighting to be adequate.

Desk and table lights

LEDs are ideal for lighting small workspaces. They can be fitted into furniture such as a desk or can be freestanding and flexible.

Stair and pathway lighting

The long life and wide variety of colours that are available, mean that LEDs are ideal for marking pathways or stairs.

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Where to use CFLs

Lounges and bedrooms

CFLs emit light in all directions, which makes them particularly useful for lighting larger spaces like dining rooms, lounges and bedrooms. When you choose a CFL bulb for lighting your living spaces, be sure to opt for a warmer glow and if you use dimmer switches, make sure that the CFLs you buy are certified for use with them.

Bathrooms and kitchens

If spotlights aren’t your thing, CFLs that provide a colder (or whiter) light are good for bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re installing a light fitting in the bathroom, be sure to use a purpose built light fitting with a minimum of an IP44 rating, to prevent water collecting inside the fixture.

External doorway lights

The bright, diffuse light from CFLs makes them useful as low energy bulbs in external lamps for lighting large outdoor areas.

Remember to turn them off!

Please remember that wherever you use low energy bulbs, one of the best ways of saving energy and reducing your electricity bill is to turn the lights off whenever you are the last person to leave a room.