How do I top up a Smart PAYG Meter?

Your PAYG Smart Meter comes with a Smart Card. This card shows your 19-digit Meter ID Number and it can only be used with the meter at your current premise. Present this card to an assistant at your nearest Payzone location with the amount you wish to credit your meter.

Your meter will be automatically credited with this amount (less any debt/debit recovery if applicable)  directly from the point of purchase and will show on your meter within an hour.

The Payzone assistant will give you a receipt and 20-digit code number. Keep this code safe.

If, for some reason, the communications link from the Payzone to your meter failed and your meter did not register your payment, press button A, then key in the 20-digit code manually on the keypad of your meter, then press button B and your meter will be credited. 

If your meter still doesn’t charge, try again to make sure you have keyed in the number correctly. If in the unlikely event the meter still doesn't charge, call us on 505460. We will top up your meter over the phone or,  if necessary, we will send a technician to replace the meter.

Please note, the 20-digit code will only work once and only on your meter.

For all you nee to know about your Smart PAYG Meter, download this User Guide or watch this video.