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Jersey's most popular new build heating systems

Direct electric heating is one of the most popular heating systems for new builds and renovations in Jersey.

Unlike central heating, direct heating doesn't need pipework running from a boiler all around your home. No pipework means no heat losses, you don't have to worry about leaks, and you can control each heater or room individually for maximum efficiency.

The benefits of direct heating systems

100% efficient

Smart controls for phones and tablets

Suitable for our discounted tariffs

Range of designs and installation options

Straightforward, cost-effective installation

Low maintenance

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Smart panel heating

A flexible, affordable and modern heating solution that provides instant heat from the convenience of your smart phone.

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Storage heaters

Modern storage heaters combine reliability and low running costs with stylish design and smart controllability.

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Cable underfloor heating

A discreet, efficient and economical heating solution that frees up wall space and radiates heats evenly.

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Direct heating solutions at Smarter Living

Smarter Living is the home of smart energy solutions. Pay us a visit to view our range of direct heating solutions and get expert advice from an Energy Advisors.

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